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You may show your support to Gaia grid in a variety of ways.

Promote - You can support us by liking and sharing You can write about us or just talk to your friends about what we are doing and spread the word about the campaign. The buzzword is #jointhegrid

Volunteer – If you are planning on visiting Kerala, we would be happy to have your hand in our day-to-day work. There is a lot of planting, digging, watering and cooking that you could help us with. You pay for your food and we share our house with you!

Donate – Books, heirloom seeds, tools, expertise (we know it rhymes) and money; we will be happy to receive them all as unconditional gifts. You may also donate monthly if you like what we are doing. While donating money, you may choose where you want your donation to be used and we will ensure to do that. If you live nearby you could support us by lending us your tools or your time.

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