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Gaia Grid Logo.jpg
Gaia Grid is a one-acre rewilding project in the making, focused on achieving self-resilience in terms of food, water, electricity, and shelter. Water and electricity are off the grid; shelters are made using local, sustainable, and often repurposed materials. The land now hosts over 700 fruit, nut, and hardwood trees planted by hundreds of volunteers over the past seven years.
The land was designed and shaped by hand. Pioneer and support species were introduced, with a focus on planting mostly local, native tree species. The entire project is crowdfunded with the generous time and monetary support of friends, family, and even strangers. It is one man's dream to stop listing problems in the world and start by creating a tangible solution, a demonstration project for a more resilient future. He doesn't get paid for it, doesn't care for recognition, and doesn't consider this "saving the planet" – he does it because he feels a deep connection to the land. Every morning he wakes up and does a little work that helps bring back birds and insects to this microcosm. And people from all over travel to help with this work.

An unintended consequence of this work is a deep connection with nature that the volunteers feel, often leaving them completely transformed upon completion of their time here.

Below is an image, three years apart, of the land, before and after the rewilding effort. This work is a result of the collective vision and persistent effort of Harsh Valechha and hundreds of volunteers and supporters from the world over.
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