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You may show your support to Gaia Grid in a variety of ways.

Promote: I'm not as active on social media, and I'm looking for people who can help spread the word about this unique work. You can follow @gaiagrid for updates and to help spread the word.

Volunteer: If you are planning on visiting Kerala, I would be happy to have your help with the day-to-day work. There is a lot of planting, digging, watering, documenting, cooking and cleaning that you could help with. I am also looking to apply for grants, so if you have a background in grant writing, I would love to connect! More volunteering info may be found here.

Donate: I am happy to receive donations of books, heirloom seeds, tools, expertise, and money. You may also donate monthly if you like what we are doing.

Gift a Sapling: I've always held that gifting physical objects for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other social milestones can be done more consciously. For example, imagine planting a tree when you have a newborn in the family so that the tree grows with the child, bearing fruits for decades. And someday the little child would get to sit under the shaded canopy of the tree you helped plant in their honor. I've started this initiative so that you can gift a tree to a loved one. I'll plant a tree on your behalf and send you updates as and when you'd require them, informing you about the growth and health of the plant. You get to choose the plant, just make sure it is native to South India. Contact me for pricing!

Here are a list of current projects that need urgent donations:

  • Rebuilding garden beds

  • Building a greenhouse

  • Upgrading the solar setup for utilities

  • Enclosing common space to protect it from monsoon rains

While donating money, you may choose where you want your donation to be used and I will ensure to do that.
If you're donating money via UPI , please use the address gaiagrid@icici

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