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We work hard and we make sure to document all the work thoroughly. Why, you ask? For posterity; and for anyone who may want to know where we are at, in the development of the land. We also document it so that someone else who may want to start their own project in India or elsewhere may get an idea of the kind of work that goes into creating this. A step by step guide, if you will, to moving off-grid. 

Disclaimer: No, we do not think that this is the only way to move off-grid. We also do not think our methods are perfect. There are many more ways to go off-grid and they all depend on countless variables that come with the availability of resources, the climate, the needs of the land and so on. This is our way and we are open to tips and suggestions so that we can learn from the collective intelligence and incorporate that into our lives. So, feel free to drop us a line! 

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